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Decks will be built by me but I will ask some questions about what kind of deck you would like and try and make a deck around what you want.Over time you will open packs using after wining x amount of duels or depending on difficulty.I'm just curious to see if I'm not the only who sort of (Or all the way wishes like me) wishes that this game had a bit of a dating sim twist with a Yu-Gi-Oh dash, haha I mean you know it would be interesting?Of course I wouldn't like it to drive out the Yu-Gi-Oh aspect of the game, but yeah. Don't mind if I get contradicted by the way I was just hoping to see a view of ideas x then it might cross the pg13 barrier, assuming they make it like a good dating sim (good meaning hentai bases) the game would not be about cards anymore, but thats probably not what you meant.The problem is that either you would have to have 2 characters to play as, on being male and the other female, or there would be an insult to players because they would have characters doing some same sex dating.it would be nice if they gave us a female character to play as though, it really wouldnt be that much of a stretch for this game to be called a dating sim as it is, except you are cultivating friendship instead of romance.That's great and all I like Yu-Gi-Oh but it sounds like a boring think to roleplay are their any twists to it? Don't expect to summon or even touch a card called "The Dark Creator" or something and expect it not to try and take over you.

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animated TV series and comes packed with three exclusive trading game cards.

Yugi and his friends are trapped in a world created by a virtual reality game.

Tag Force is already pretty much a kid-friendly dating sim.

XD Though I'd be all for a full-blown dating sim/YGO combo.

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