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On the eve of Dorothy's 17th birthday, three mysterious young men come to the door at her farmhouse in Kansas.It turns out that they are her three companions turned human by the Wizard of the South who wish to escort her back to Oz to celebrate her birthday.The Wizard of Oz (1993) • Oz No Mahoutsukai: Another World-Rung Rung (2000) • Emerald City Confidential (2009) • Fiction Fixers: The Curse of Oz (2010) • Color-Changing Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love (2009) • The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road (2009) • Towers of Oz (2012) • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (2014) • Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return (2014) Infinite Oz (2007) • Road to Emerald (2010) • The Wizard of Oz (2010) • Oz Run (2012) • Temple Run: Oz (2013) • Legends of Oz World (2013) • Flying Monkeys of Oz (2013) • Good Witch Run (2013) • Wicked: The Game (2014) • Oz Shall We Date?After the journey in the Land of Oz, you, as a heroine, returned to your home in Kansas.will take advantage of many new i Phone features when it launches alongside the i Phone 7.That means 400 flying monkeys at a "flawless frame rate," aww yeah.A lengthy debate occurred at MGM as to whether or not to include the songs from the play, but as the vaudeville-style show mostly included songs of no relevance to plot or characterization, they were replaced with new ones.

Now it is shown on a couple of different networks quite frequently. Who wouldn't want to take a journey to the magical land of Oz?

' game - you find a magic bracelet and have to determine which prince should be the next king?

Oz Shall We Date is a girls' dating simulation visual novel moblie video game told from the prespective of Dorothy Gale as she dates male characters loosely based on the Oz series.

It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 6, 2002.

This episode, as well as the earlier "Anthology of Interest I", serves to showcase three "imaginary" stories.

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