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Kana mentioned that a lot of people just post photos of their cats, or, oddly, a rice cooker.

But peculiar profile pictures aren't the only reason online dating is floundering in Japan.

Before you think: wow, he is so multicultural – he's not.

Rice Chasers surround themselves with Asian dudes because there is a high possibility that these guys have Asian girlfriends.

Also – being the only white guy in the group gives him an additional advantage because he has no competition.

He Initiates Conversations in an Asian Language When a white dude tries to pick you up with “Konnichiwa!

"The Japanese are legitimately worried about running out of Japanese people," comedian Aziz Ansari writes in his new book, "Modern Romance," co-authored by sociologist Ansari notes that Japanese culture and the fear of being perceived as "charai" (or "a sleazy player") may explain why online dating hasn't exploded in Japan.You may know them as Asiaphile, Asian Fetish, Rice Kings, Rice Lovers or Rice Chasers.Regardless of what you call them, they all have one thing in common – love for Asian pussy.As a high school junior and senior in the mid-’90s, my favorite after-school activity was having sex in the men’s restroom of the local suburban train terminal of Naperville, Illinois.I’d tell friends I had to head straight home after school, and while sitting down for a bowl of kimchi stew at my family’s dining table in the evenings, Uhma and Ahpa would ask how my long hours studying at the library were going. Inside, the stalls lined the long wall in an orderly row.

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