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For an outsider looking in, it appears that after 17 years together, Matt Chandler and his wife, Lauren, must have it all figured out—no issues, perfect contentment and constant agreement on everything. Like the couple in Song of Songs, they had the love, the desire and the passion, but still had to learn together how to make marriage work. "They were technically married, but lived separate lives.When the Chandlers got engaged, one thing they covenanted with each other was divorce would not be an option."Both of us had a good sense of this covenant," Matt said. My parents didn't want that for their family and have stayed together.She specializes in portraits and says she owes her interest in this career to her work as a volunteer photographer for shelter organization that provides beautiful, compassionate portraits for families whose infants experience only a brief time on earth.In Although the Chandlers have developed principles for handling conflict, they know that conflict is still a reality in all marriages.They say it is crucial to handle these disagreements fairly.The ICB Blessed Garden Bible is a full-text ICB Bible with swirling, floral details, foil, glitter, and winsome illustrations.This will appeal to both moms and daughters, as it capitalizes on an organic garden trend.

Her novel "The Face" was listed in Publisher's Weekly "Best Books of the Year" (PW, 11/03/08). It was more of a fact than a feeling."Lauren adds that her parents had a big influence on her decision to stay bound to Matt regardless of circumstances."One set of my grandparents were divorced and the other set probably should have been," she said.Matt and I wanted that type of commitment in our marriage, and I really trusted that the Lord would work this out in us."Matt's best advice for couples comes from one of the Bible's least-read books: Song of Songs.SONG OF SOLOMON RESOURCES Commentaries, Sermons, Illustrations, Devotionals Introduction: The discerning reader should be aware that many of the commentaries on Song of Solomon interpret this book allegorically (See Interpretative Approach).The "danger" is that allegory searches for a hidden spiritual meaning that transcends the literal sense of the sacred text.

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