Sedating a cat for travel dating sites while pregnant

Unlike sedatives such as diazapam, antihistamines don't cause Felix to be disoriented and confused.

If you're using it to calm him down during traveling, make sure his carrier is comfortable and familiar.

Also, there may be a pet sitter in your area who would tend your pets in your own home.

With a pet sitter you can even call home and tell your cat how much fun you’re having …

However, it is possible to travel with a cat without a huge amount of problems.

The key is to the prepare ahead of time by acclimating your cat to travel gradually and preparing supplies well before the departure date. The article has given me some very useful tips and certainly gave us lots of things to prepare the cats so it will be easier, none of which we knew.

Preparing Ahead of Time Taking Your Cat on a Trip Community Q&A Most people do not relish the thought of bringing their cats with them on a vacation or on a road trip.

Thousands of dogs and cats end up in shelters simply because the owners never dreamed the pet would get loose or become lost while on a trip.

Typically the cat is placed in an acrylic box into which a combination of oxygen and the gas is pumped.

The mixture must be balanced and adjusted for the individual cat.

Always consult an experienced veterinarian regarding the health and treatment of your cat. Eldridge describes different forms of medications used to sedate cats: halothane, isoflurane and sevoflurane are all medications in gas form.

Not many cats will sit still long enough for a mask to be placed over their mouths and noses, and then for the medication to take effect.

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