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There is still so much more to learn here and to encourage far greater integration into the world of historians and archaeologists (be they interested in prehistoric monuments and landscapes, settlements, ancient artefacts, architecture, art, historical events...), not just as a means of recording and presenting, but as a means of rigorously interrogating and interpreting diverse sets of sources and evidence and drawing these together in such a way that is not possible through methods of research to reveal knowledge that has potentially hitherto remained obscured and hidden from sight.

Visit this site ( to see all the exciting research, work and ventures that are happening in this field.", which is now briefly introduced here and will shortly be expanded on in further articles, represents the first ever undertaking in tackling the challenge of collating, piecing together and synthesising many different types of historical evidence to begin digitally visualising this absolutely immense, complex and wonderfully intriguing building.

This is a heartwarming commercial for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story from the Philippines.

Although it's actually less of a commercial than a touching short.

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At the very top of this front area, was a private social space, which had a beautiful view across the Dublin skyline and was seemingly only accessible from a lift located in the front entrance foyer on the ground floor; and apparently stories abound about the ‘delights’/’perils’ awaiting one on entering this lift to the ‘sky’, which will hopefully be captured in the Oral History component of the project.

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A warm thank you goes to Theatre Royal specialist, Conor Doyle, for providing access to some wonderful sources; and to Nora Thornton (National Photographic Archive, National Library of Ireland) who assisted in finding historical photographs, which provided invaluable evidence for the theatre’s interior décor.

architecture and art, be it a Viking house, where my journey began, to a monumental theatre, like the Theatre Royal.

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