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Win 2K environments are vulnerable to a security-related mis-config re DNS/DHCP, whereby the DHCP servers lack the necessary permissions to auto-delete client DNS records.Fix is to verify that all your DHCP servers are members of the "DNSUpdate Proxy" default security group in the AD Users container.This is a special domain that ends with “”.This domain is created in DNS Made Easy in the same manner as any other domain (Add Domains).When you delegate forward DNS the owner of the domain tell the registrar to have your domain use certain name servers.Reverse DNS works the same way in that the owner of the IPs needs to delegate the reverse DNS to DNS Made Easy name servers as well.When i ping the new laptop (PC1) i am directed to the original ip of the first laptop ( IP When I looked at my new laptop I saw that the IP is and DHCP shows the same in the lease list I can ping the IP but when trying to resolve the name(PC1), it still points to the old original laptop's IP of When I opened my DNS, i saw that PC1's record is listed and the IP still points to Can I delete the record in the DNS server's dns list (PC1) and run ipconfig /registerdns on the new laptop to have the new dns record be registered on the server?The new laptop does show in the event log that the DNS server does not allow the laptop to register the record (because there's an existing record?

You can setup wholesale jerseys Reverse DNS on your own name servers if you choose which we will cover in this article.

If you have received a direct IP allocation from ARIN and would like to point them to Total Uptime so you can create zones for managing reverse DNS, these are the steps you need to take in order to complete the process.

Reverse DNS overview: Reverse DNS is setup very similar to how normal (forward) DNS is setup.

If you only have a few hosts that you need reverse DNS for, it may be easier to just have the owner of those IPs set the entries in their reverse DNS domain for your hosts.

PTR records require authoritative DNS nameservers before they can function properly.

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