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Besides being a musician of the highest caliber, Falcone was a man of great courage and integrity.

Despite the protests of many people in Ann Arbor at the time, he admitted African-Americans and women into the band.

(Prior to 1932, the band was an all-male organization.

(The term, "Marching Band" would not be used until 1936.) In October 1927, the newly constructed Michigan Stadium was dedicated.“Detroit to me was still a little too raw,” says Jesse Vollmar, CEO of the breakout farming software startup Farm Logs, which has already raised million in funding.But being based in Detroit proper does come with its benefits, among them a tight-knit community and relatively decadent office spaces.With Falcone's appointment, the musical and marching abilities of the Michigan Bands attained higher standards than ever before.Falcone increased the size of the band and began to mold it into a symphonic organization.

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Tim Payne, the Southeast Michigan regional wildlife manager for the DNR's Wildlife Division, said this week he hasn't been contacted by city officials yet, but he looks forward to hearing the city's concerns and helping to assess the situation.

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