Nicholas hoult dating april pearson

It prevents us being either shocked or consumed by envy.

The fact that Chris Martin is still legally married to Gwyneth Paltrow has been a controversial topic in the media, and apparently a pretty heated conversation topic for Jennifer and Chris as well.

J-Law seems to be sending Chris a pretty clear message – as long as he is still married to Gwyneth Paltrow, then Jennifer is free to date other people as well…which is why she is still in contact with her old boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. Magazine, “Jen reaches out to Nicholas Hoult all of the time for advice and emotional support.” A “friend” of Jennifer’s explained to the magazine, “If Chris can keep in touch with Gwyneth Paltrow then why can’t she lean on Nick?

She’s hedging her bets and playing a bit of a game.

This was neither the gleaming-teeth sanitised version of teenagerdom conveyed by American prime-time shows such as The OC, nor the downbeat documentary view that suggests all teenagers are gun-carrying crack addicts living on rundown estates.

Skins was a new idea for young people who don't like to be treated like kids: an f-word-laden comedy drama shown after the watershed when its target audience of under-18s is supposedly in bed, with a book rather than (as in Skins) the psychology teacher.

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