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Tyra talked to each guest on stage and reviewed their questions and answers to show how children can be exposed to stereotypes regarding race at a young age and what can be done about it. 1 February 2006Three girls are helped by Tyra to get over their past experiences.

One of the girls Charity lost her sister in an ambush in Iraq, during the war.

"—your openness to possibility—is the greatest turn on. For many men, confidence in a woman is the one thing that trumps T&A.

If you read the research on what men are looking for and what they are turned on by, over and over again, it's this word "confidence." It's why younger men write you. And here's the easy given: even if you don't know what you want, you sure know more than you did when you were 22, 32, um, 42. Just by virtue of living, you have fine-tuned what you like and don't.

Thanks to the online gods, I have met marvelous men, not orangutans, not Martians, but actual men who never before would have crossed my path. resist change, because being open to the unknown has rewarded us. So, this is Tip Number One: Remember that being open to whom you might meet is key. It means not looking at men as an ultimate answer to your needs. Looking back and where you are now, how well did that place of self-erase serve you? Granted, you may not feel so "confident" at this moment in your life, your self-worth might be run aground. Just by virtue of your age, Lady, you have perspective. A former stay-at-home-mom who divorced after a marriage of nearly 20 years, Liza's own self-discovery and lessons learned make her a careful but fervent fan of online-dating.

I have had no "bad" experiences and to be honest, I have gained a few exceptional friends: people who have enriched my life so much that I've abandoned outmoded cliches like "the world is my oyster," or "life is just a bowl of cherries." Because with the right attitude about online dating, beer nuts in a can at the bar can be fun. It's not about the daily catch, or the quantity or quality I haul in over the 'net. This translates to considering men as not just romantic partners, or Your Destiny or Ultimate Soul Mate—but as potential friends, cohorts, companions, and not dogs who need to be led on a leash. So set your intent and open up as you embark on online dating. She will be sharing her insights and guidelines at UNTIED's "Love Online" event on February 12 in Brooklyn Heights.

This year, you don't just get to rewatch your fave Disney Channel Halloween classic. Brown, AKA Marnie Cromwell, did you a major solid and is letting you in on what one of the series' most iconic villains, Kal, is up to 15 years later.

8 November 2005Special about Tyra's celebrity "Drag Force", a team of drag queens who give makeovers to women and men.

She’s a mess, and she’s always wearing that awful scarf, but I feel bad because she has that thing with her neck and also there was the whole drama with her dad going to jail last year, but it’s a long story and I want to talk about it.

Anyway, she tells me that Britney F–king Spears is standing in line at Starbeans (DO YOU SEE WHAT THEY DID THERE WITH THAT NAME?

), and I’m all like “Bye, work.” To be fair, this would also be the case in real life. I rush over, and sure enough, there she is, ordering a Strawberry Whippaccino at the counter. I don’t even know what happens next because I blackout (REFERENCE), but somehow I end up on a stage performing for the same Living Legend who recorded “…Baby One More Time.” She likes what she’s hearing (WHAT? Sara calls me at home afterward, and honestly, she sounds drunk again.

) and, being the unusual angel she is, invites me to a Star Core Media Party at String to meet with Boss Lady Manager Anne Means. I’m not even sure if we’re actually friends at this point or if I just feel bad for her. #More Plz Anne wants me to come in to her office and audition, so I finally put on some clothes.

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