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I let the guy get to know me first." I don't go on a date and announce my issues. But the group perceived my publications as a destructive megaphone.

They thought I should remove my professional work from the web so that such information would not be accessible, so that I could control when and how someone learned about my history.

Believing the mere knowledge of the events of my past would be detrimental to a potential relationship, I went on dates deeply worried about the moment a man would find out the one fact that I imagined would be more of a deal breaker than infidelity or a drug habit or an STD: incest. I worked hard to keep conversations away from the topics of family and parents and where I grew up, anything that could potentially reveal my past.

But avoiding certain topics squelched my innate openness; I acted in a way that was inauthentic and guarded.

The (observed) fact is that most religious celibate women rush into marriages to end the latter (celibacy) while satisfying the former (religion).

Sunday night’s episode of Mzansi Magic’s Date My Family raised eyebrows when Twitter dug up a few files on bachelor General, real name Mosome Thekiso. After the dates with family members, General picked the last one because of the food and their character.

General, an advocate, politician, farmer and preacher looking for love, approached the dating show to look for a woman who is traditional, caring and “has love and will respect him and his family” One thing General never wants you to forget about him is that he is an advocate, a point that may have led to his failed date. But things turned sour during the date after Zinhle said she was not ready to settle.

Recently, I found myself engaged in a heated discussion with a few acquaintances -- men and women, all of us single and in our late 30s and 40s -- about how to succeed in dating.

One woman, "Jill," said to me, "Don't you understand that a man isn't going to be able to handle your history? " exclaimed a recent date when we met for the first time at a café.

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