Dating racoon carcass

The victim attended the Grey Bruce Health Services for treatment.

The raccoon carcass was secured for rabies testing.

I’m pretty sure that I know what it is, and I’m pleased to see that many other people have come to the same conclusions, as demonstrated by the many informed comments that appeared at Cryptomundo and elsewhere last week. What has caused widespread confusion and speculation is that, while the lower jaw appears to have had a jagged row of pointy teeth, the upper jaw sports a hooked bony beak.

This structure has led to the carcass being termed a ‘rodent-like creature with a dinosaur beak’, as an ‘eagle-dog’, and to suggestions that it might be the carcass of a turtle that had lost its shell. Fish and Wildlife Service noted that, if it is a fake, it’s a very good Photoshop job, and the fact that the carcass became involved in a sort of marketing campaign for a soft drink hasn’t really helped in the credibility stakes (it is, however, pretty obvious that this was a case of opportunistic advertising).

Adults grow to about 32 inches (81 cm) including the tail, and larger animals may reach weights of more than 30 pounds (13.6 kg).

Raccoons are excellent climbers and are very dexterous.

In this weakened state, the small animal becomes an easy catch, and the larva is ingested when the predator animal (i.e., a dog) ingests tissue from the infected animal.The tree they live in is a remote part of the pasture, but again, its only a matter of time before they meet up with the horses.SO has said he could try to shoot them, but in the dark hes not a very good shot.Raccoons are the optimal carriers of this worm, since the health of the raccoon is not adversely affected, making it the ideal host and disseminator of the parasite. Therefore, it is essential to practice methods of avoidance and caution in areas where raccoons are prevalent.Intermediate carriers are birds, rabbits and rodents, amongst other animals.

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This is another way in which the worm is disseminated to other animals.

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