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He constantly has to work around their social schedules, dropping them off and picking them up.

Introduction: Blending families in second (or third) marriages is one of the greatest causes of divorce. However, I have witnessed many couples who have learned to beat the odds and create a wonderful, love-filled marriage.

” * Does step parenting feel like the most challenging and thankless job of all?

* Is the tension and conflict taking its toll on your relationships * Are you becoming worried about your children and their well-being?

My husband is always very critical of my children and their "conformance" to house rules yet his seem to make their own rules.

“ Ours did and now we're coaching other blended families towards success.” - Rick and Yvonne Kelly, Certified Counsellors for Blended Families We received our Training and Certification from Jeannette Lofas, Ph D, LCSW, Founder and President of the Stepfamily Foundation Inc.

headquartered in New York City and we would like to gratefully acknowledge her contributions throughout this site.

Rick and Yvonne Kelly Certified Stepfamily Counsellors and Founders of The Step and Blended Family Institute Blended Families Get the Step Parenting Help They Need at The Step and Blended Family Institute.

With Support, New Information and the Right Strategies, Stepfamilies CAN and DO Succeed!

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